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I am transitioning into the fascinating field of cybersecurity after a career in blockchain law. As a beginner navigating this dynamic landscape, I share my journey through detailed articles, breakdowns of various cybersecurity tools, and relevant news updates. The goal is to help other newcomers navigate this complex field while solidifying my own skills. Join me on this quest for knowledge as we delve into the captivating depths of cybersecurity together.

Cybersecurity & AI Updates

Stay informed with the latest developments in the exciting fields of cybersecurity and Artificial Intelligence. Navigate the ever-evolving landscape with my curated news and insights.

In-Depth Articles

Delve into comprehensive articles encompassing cybersecurity, philosophy, and psychology from a cybersecurity perspective. Explore new insights and deepen your understanding of these interconnected themes while focusing on digital security.

My Learning Journey

Follow my step-by-step journey as I delve into the world of cybersecurity. From acquiring new skills to pursuing certifications, witness firsthand the growth and challenges along my path.

Former Blockchain Attorney

Venturing beyond my former role as a blockchain attorney, I’ve embarked on an exciting new path in cybersecurity. Join me as I explore and learn, leaving the familiar behind.

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